Are you running your overnight reactions safely?

15 minute webinar

Are you running your overnight reactions unsafely? Lab control software can help you perform safe and efficient unattended reactions.

When running reactions in the lab, it is sometimes necessary to perform reactions overnight due to time constraints or the length of experiments e.g., crystallisations with a cooling ramp or long reflux reactions. Overnight reactions have to be left unattended and as such need protocols in place to ensure the safety of users and to protect their chemistry. In this webinar we will discuss how reactions can be data logged as well as safety feedback loops put in place to ensure that reactions can be left unattended overnight or longer with lab control software.

Key learning objectives

  1. Why chemists run overnight reactions and the challenges of them
  2. How using lab control software can help with overnight or unattended reactions
  3. A live demo of AVA and Mya lab control software

Who should attend?

  1. Lab technicians
  2. Process development chemists
  3. Scale-up chemists

    Webinar Speakers

    Sara Hummel 

    Sara joined Radleys in 2018 after working as a scientist in the medical devices industry manufacturing blood glucose testing strips. Sara is a published organic chemist and has worked in synthetic chemistry laboratories in Germany and Switzerland in both academia and industry.

    Ravi Hosein

    Ravi has a Masters in Chemistry and joined Radleys after working as an organic chemist in industry for over three years. His role as Product Manager is to look after all things Reactor-Ready and AVA.

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