How to achieve efficient temperature control when using Jacketed Lab Reactors

45 minute webinar

When it comes to chemical reactions in both R&D and production processes, achieving the right temperature is crucial. Accurate temperature control minimises the occurrence of side reactions and by-product formation which negatively impacts yields, as well as reduces the risk of dangerous exothermic runaway. For process engineers it is essential to find the best possible compromise between yield, quality and productivity. In this webinar we will be joined by Dr Paddy Delaney from Huber to discuss the factors that influence temperature control when using jacketed lab reactors as well as advice on how to improve the performance of your system.

Key learning objectives

  1. The factors that influence temperature control when using reactors
  2. Choosing the right temperature control unit for your application
  3. What you can to do to optimise temperature control when using your reactor

Who should attend?

  1. Process Chemists
  2. Scale-up Engineers
  3. CRO/CDMO/CMO scientists

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