Introducing the Radleys Reactor-Ready Filter Lab Reactor

30 minute webinar

Safe and contained filtrations - Radleys Reactor-Ready Filter Lab Reactor for crystallisations, powder drying and product isolation

The Reactor-Ready Filter Lab Reactor combines a jacketed lab reactor and a filter into one compact benchtop system. This allows users to isolate their product without having to manually transfer their material from reactor to a separate filter, saving time and reducing product losses.

Users can easily upgrade their existing Reactor-Ready to a filter reactor or invest in a standalone, dedicated filter system. The Reactor-Ready Filter Lab Reactor allows synthesis and filtration in a single jacketed vessel setup, ideal for crystallisation, reaction workups and product isolation.

The Reactor-Ready Filter Lab Reactor is suited to process development labs, scale up chemists, botanical extraction scientists among others.

In this webinar we will explore the range of filter vessels that Radleys offer, demonstrate how to assemble and use the filter reactor as well as discuss potential applications.

Key learning objectives

  1. The range of Reactor-Ready filter vessels
  2. Demo of the filter vessels and accessories
  3. Filter vessel applications

Who should attend?

  1. Process development chemists
  2. Scale-up chemists
  3. Botanical extraction scientists

Webinar speakers

Ravi Hosein

Ravi has a Masters in Chemistry and joined Radleys after working as an organic chemist in industry for over three years. His role as Product Manager is to look after all things Reactor-Ready and AVA.


Ben Jeffery

Ben joined Radleys in 2007 as a Technical Sales Specialist, his job has changed over the years through Product Management, UK Sales Manager, and International Territory Manager for Europe, Russia and Africa. He is now the Global Sales Manager, responsible for both the UK and International sales teams and business.


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