The benefits of Jacketed Lab Reactors and considerations when choosing a system

45 minute webinar

When purchasing a jacketed lab reactor setup for scaling up your process, there are many considerations to be made. From the power of the overhead stirrer, to the cooling capacity of the circulator or even the geometry of your reaction vessel, these are all factors which can impact how your process performs and ultimately your final yield. In this webinar we will cover the fundamental points of specifying the right reactor and ancillary devices to ensure that you get the optimal performance of your jacketed lab reactor system.

Key Learning Objectives

  1. How to configure a Jacketed Lab Reactor system
  2. The fundamentals of circulator sizing for JLR’s
  3. Design features of the Reactor-Ready range that benefit scale-up

Who Should Watch?

  1. Process Chemists
  2. Lab Managers
  3. R&D chemists

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