Streamline your process development toolkit

45 minute webinar

When choosing the kit you will use for your Process R&D chemistry, there are many considerations to be made. If you’re currently using hotplates, ice baths and jacketed reactors for your small-scale Process R&D chemistry, how could you consolidate this work with a single piece of equipment?

This webinar focuses on small scale Process Development tools. We first discuss standard pieces of kit such as hotplates, ice baths and jacketed reactors and look at the pros and cons of these in Process Development labs. We then introduce the Mya 4 Reaction Station which bridges the gap between these tools for small scale Process R&D.

Key learning objectives

  1. Considerations when choosing your small-scale process chemistry set-up
  2. What is the Mya 4 Reaction Station?
  3. How to achieve precise temperature control with overhead stirring on a small scale
  4. How to easily data-log and create reports to aid technology transfer and scale-up

Who Should Watch?

  1. Process R&D chemists
  2. Users of jacketed lab reactors looking for smaller scale solutions
  3. Existing users of Carousel 6 and 12, Tornado, AVA Lab Control Software

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