How to improve rotary evaporation processes – Radleys, VACUUBRAND & Heidolph

45 minute webinar

How to stop bumping, foaming and solvent losses during rotary evaporation - Improving vacuum efficiency with VACUUBRAND and Heidolph.

In this webinar Ravi Hosein (Radleys) and Ed Gill (VACUUBRAND) discuss the importance of vacuum control in common lab applications. They cover the different types of vacuum pumps used in the lab and best practices for using and maintaining them. They also focus on rotary evaporation and how vacuum affects bumping and foaming of products and ways to mitigate these as well as tips to make your evaporation processes more efficient.

Key learning objectives

  1. The different types of vacuum pump used in the lab and proper maintenance and use
  2. How vacuum control impacts rotary evaporation processes
  3. Tips to improve evaporation processes in the lab

Who should watch?

  1. Lab Technicians
  2. Research Chemists
  3. Process Chemists

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