Why you don't need a bigger rotary evaporator

45 minute webinar

When working on Pilot scale, solvent removal post reaction or work-up can be a bottleneck to further processes. Needing to constantly refill the evaporation flask and empty the waste collector while using benchtop rotary evaporators mean that users must constantly attend to these tasks, which is time consuming.

The new Distimatic Pro from Heidolph integrates with the Hei-VAP Industrial large-scale rotary evaporator to automate the process of large-scale evaporation, eliminating the need for users to fill and empty flasks, maximising their throughput.

In combination with the Reactor-Ready Pilot jacketed lab reactor system and AVA lab control software, users can reduce the manual handling of solvents, increasing safety and boosting productivity.

In this webinar Ravi Hosein (Radleys) and Jurgen Heyder (Heidolph) will show you how the new Distimatic Pro and Reactor-Ready Pilot work in tandem for automated operation.

Key Learning Objectives

  1. The challenges of large scale solvent evaporation
  2. What the Distimatic Pro is and how it works
  3. How the Distimatic Pro can be used to automate solvent evaporation

Who Should Attend?

  1. Process Chemists
  2. API Manufacture and Kilo Labs
  3. Cannabis extraction scientists

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