The Heidolph Distimatic – automating your rotary evaporator

45 minute webinar

When using a rotary evaporator, the main bottleneck to the evaporation process is the user having to manually refill the evaporating flask and emptying the collection flask as solvent is distilled. 

The Heidolph Distimatic is a unique product that automates this process of filling the evaporating flask as well as emptying the waste trap and also pumps out the isolated product at the end of the evaporation. Join us in this webinar to find out how the Distimatic works and how it can benefit your solvent evaporation processes.

Key Learning Objectives
1.    The functional principle of the Heidolph Distimatic
2.    How the Distimatic can be used to increase the throughput of rotary evaporation processes and aids solvent recovery
3.    Safety features of the Distimatic

Who Should Watch?
1.    Anyone using a rotary evaporator
2.    Process chemists looking to remove solvents greater than 5L post workup 
3.    Cannabis extractors

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