Reactor Customisation options and Glassblowing capability

45 minute webinar

Mark Radley shows you inside our glass blowing workshop for a live demonstration then on to a technical discussion on the bespoke design options for all Radleys reactors. In this webinar we look at the process of making a glass jacketed reactor and some of the options for customisation. We start in the glass blowing workshop for a live demonstration and then move to a more detailed look at the bespoke design options available for our jacketed reactors. We review a variety of subjects including reactor geometry, thermal fluid connections, lid port design, drain valves and more.

Key Learning Objectives

  1. Insight into manufacturing jacketed glass reactors.
  2. Custom reactor design possibilities.
  3. Which design features are important to get good results and a reliable, robust reaction system.

Who Should Watch?

  1. Chemists involved in scale up and scale down of processes.
  2. Process development chemists.
  3. Existing Reaction system users.

*Please note that due to a technical interruption the start is missing from the recording.

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