How to keep your Reactor, ready

15 minute webinar

Regular maintenance of your jacketed lab reactor will ensure that you get the most out of your equipment and prolong its lifetime. In this webinar we will cover how to perform routine checks and maintenance on your Jacketed Lab Reactor to ensure that you achieve efficient mixing, accurate temperature control and good sealing when performing your chemistry.

Key learning objectives

  1. How to perform routine checks on your Jacketed Lab Reactor
  2. Best practice for maintaining your Jacketed Lab Reactor

Who should attend?

  1. Lab Technicians
  2. Process Chemists
  3. Scale-up Chemists

Webinar Speakers

Dr. Richard Buck

Richard is a PhD qualified organic chemist with 14 years of experience in medicinal chemistry, and has a strong understanding of what a chemist needs and how Radleys’ equipment can provide solutions to everyday challenges in the lab.

Ravi Hosein

Ravi has a Masters in Chemistry and joined Radleys after working as an organic chemist in industry for over three years. His role as Product Manager is to look after all things Reactor-Ready and AVA.


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