Stirring viscous reactions - save space and time with Tornado

45 minute webinar

Do you require mechanical stirring on small scale reactions? E.g. viscous materials, heterogeneous mixtures, fragile solids?

Setting up an overhead stirrer on a round bottom flask can be difficult and time consuming. This gets even more complicated when you need to run several small reactions simultaneously with overhead stirring – more time consuming but it also takes up a lot of space.

In this webinar, we introduce the Tornado Overhead Stirring System as a time- and space-saving tool for small scale overhead stirring. The Tornado is an add-on to the Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station and allows to mechanically stir up to 6 x 250 ml RBFs with a single overhead stirrer and on the same footprint as a single set-up.

Key learning objectives

  1. Setting up multiple overhead stirred reactions safely and quickly.
  2. Saving space and improving safety in your fume hood.
  3. Getting reproducible temperature control and stirring across multiple reactions

Who should watch?

  1. Research and development chemists
  2. Polymer chemists
  3. Existing users of overhead stirrers in round bottom flasks
  4. Chemists working with viscous materials on a small scale

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